Security updates for Monday

Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (bitcoin-daemon and bitcoin-qt), Debian (firefox-esr, hylafax, libarchive-zip-perl, mediawiki, okular, openafs, strongswan, and texlive-bin), Fedora (gitolite3, kernel-headers, and lcms2), Mageia (dropbear, kernel, lcms2, libcgroup, libextratcor, mailman, mpg123, okular, php, soundtouch, unixODBC, webkit2, and xml-security-c), openSUSE (aubio, bouncycastle, chromium, ffmpeg-4, firefox, gdm, GraphicsMagick, hylafax+, ImageMagick, jhead, liblouis, nemo-extensions, nextcloud, nodejs6, obs-service-refresh_patches, okular, openslp, pango, phpMyAdmin, python-Django, python-Django1, and seamonkey), Oracle (spice and spice-gtk), Slackware (firefox and kernel), and SUSE (ant, apache2, gnutls, libzypp, zypper, nodejs6, nodejs8, and xorg-x11-libs).