Storage Configuration information Center

Read – SAN Guide for Beginners

Read – SAN Storage Responsibilities for Enterprise System Administrators

Read – Pre-Planning/Pre-work required for Storage Migrations in Unix.

Read – SCSI Guide for Beginners

Read – EMC Power Path commands for system administrators

Read – Determine WWN for HBA Cards, without fiber connection

Solaris Storage Configurations

Read – Solaris Storage Configuration – EMC VMAX + POWERPATH / MPxIO + VxVM

Read – Solaris Storage Configuration with VxVM

Read – Understanding Solaris Storage Multipathing MPxIO ( aka STMS, SCSI_VHCI)

Read – Solaris host level SAN migration from Clariion to VMAX

Read – Configuring Solaris 10 host with SAN storage ( EMC Clariion )

Read – Manage multipathing in solaris 10 – mpathadm vs luxadm

Read – SAN Configuration Steps in Solaris 8 & 9

Read – How to Identify Sun Fibre Channel (FC) HBA

Read – HBA firmware upgrade in Solaris servers.

Read – Diagnosis of various multipath products in Solaris

Read – Expanding SAN File System in Solaris

Read – EMCpowerpath & EMCsymmetrix upgrades in Solaris

Read – Mapping Physical Device(s) from an EMC PowerPath Pseudo Device seen in “format” output in Solaris

Read – Identifying the product used for Storage Multipathing in Solaris

Read – How to Configure Storage using native multipathing and veritas volume manager in Solaris

Read – Imporate Storage Configuration Files in Solaris10: San/SAS/MPXIO/STMS

Read – How to match an sd number to a lun in Solaris

Read – Verify DMP health for VxDMP in Solaris

Read – Verifying STMS (mpxio) Health in Solaris

Read – Verifying HBA connectivity in Solaris

Read – FC / SAN configuration in solaris 8 & 9

Linux Storage Configurations

Read – Comparing the VxVM with RHEL LVM2

Read – Troubleshooting EMC related Issues with powermt Command

Read – Device Mapper Multipath ( DM-Multipath) Configuration in RHEL6

Read – Migrating LVM2 volumes from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6

Read – How to recover a deleted Logical volume in RHEL 5/6

Read – Configuring Shared ISCSI Storage in RHEL 6

Read – ISCSI Lun resize in RHEL6

Read – Configuring ISCSI Server and Client RHEL6

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