Role and Responsibilities of Unix and Linux Administrators

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In this Course you will learn about Solaris System administrator job role and its responsibilities using some real time scenarios.


Course Curriculum

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Know about Unix History 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris System Admin Team 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris File and Directory Management 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris device and disk management 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris User Administration 00:02:00
Introduction Solaris File System Management 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris Booting and SMF 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris Process Management 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris Software Management 00:15:00
Introduction about Solaris Storage Volume Manager 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris Networking 00:15:00
Introduction to Solaris Virtualisation 00:10:00

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  1. Profile photo of Shiti


    Better course for a beginner to know about Solaris Unix Administration.

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    The scenario based explanation of system admin roles is excellent

  3. Profile photo of Tunde Bello

    Solaris System Administrator Role and Responsibilities


    it is a well researched introductory course for beginning Unix System administrators. Thanks

  4. Profile photo of SYED HADI AL HASSANI


    It is great for new person who want to join as system admin and I like the scenarios.

  5. Profile photo of Bo Bo

    Solaris System Administrator Role and Responsibilities


    Great and Thanks!

  6. Profile photo of DARVESH KUMAR

    very good creating this videos in different manner and simple understandable


    good and simple

  7. Profile photo of JITHINSHA KS

    Just an Intro


    Being a System Admin and new to solaris, I found it useful. But just an intro is not enough for me. Anyways it was a great experience.

  8. Profile photo of Vijaya Chandra

    simple and nice


    Explained in simple terms for beginners and excellent content to begin with. “Nice work!!! Ram”

  9. Profile photo of Salman Sayyad

    Brilliant Work


    Excellent content to start of with Solaris. Kudos!

  10. Profile photo of aresxx

    Thank you very much for the content. Now i know what is unix administration job.

  11. Profile photo of Venkata Srikanth

    Nice tutorial helping freshers to learn more about the day to day tasks involved in Solaris system administration.


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