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Solaris Troubleshooting: CDE login problems

1) Check the related logfiles for error messages: /var/dt/Xerrors (note that this file is recycled by dtlogin, especially, it might be empty after dtlogin has been restarted) $HOME/.dt/*log* (startlog, startlog.old, startlog.older, errorlog, errorlog.old, and errorlog.older) /var/adm/messages /var/adm/messages on the home directory server, especially if users with...


Solaris 10 Troubleshooting : Check the Integrity of libraries and critical files

Installing or uninstalling a patch intends to perform 3 main functions: file updates, file additions, and file removals. – File updates update the existing files installed on disk via scripts or add the patch files to replace the existing files installed on disk. – File additions...

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