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Solaris Troubleshooting NFs : ls -la hangs on root (/)

Running “ls -la /” hangs, yet running “ls -la” to other root directories  (i.e. ls -la /usr) does NOT hang. And the system logs ( i.e. /var/adm/messages) shows NFS related errors, even though this is NOT a true NFS client.   Here are the some sample errors that may appear in the /var/adm/messages file when the “ls...
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Solaris Troubleshooting NFS : error “setuid execution not allowed”

To prevent network break-ins, the “-nosuid” option is used in  “/etc/vfstab” and the “/etc/auto*” configuration files  used for NFS mounting filesystems. In “/var/adm/messages”, (the system log files),  the following type of message appears frequently: “Date machinename enterprise: save,uid 0:setuid execution not allowed”
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Solaris Troubleshooting : NFS TroubleShooting

This article will help you to understand some of the basic troubleshooting instructions for NFS problems …
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Solaris10 Troubleshooting NFS: NFS mounts in vfstab fail to mount at boot

NFS mounts in /etc/vfstab with the “mount at boot” field set to yes are not mounted at boot time.
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