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Fedora 30: chromium FEDORA-2020-4355ea258e>

Update to 79.0.3945.117. Fixes CVE-2020-6377. —- Security fix for CVE-2019-13767. —- Update to Chromium 79. Fixes the usual giant pile of bugs and security issues. This time, the list is: CVE-2019-13725 CVE-2019-13726 CVE-2019-13727 CVE-2019-13728 … Continue Reading — Fedora 30: chromium FEDORA-2020-4355ea258e>


How to Make Linux Mint Look Like Windows 7

Make Linux Mint look like Windows 7 with this ace theme pack from B00merang project. It’s easy to install and transforms the look of the Cinnamon desktop. This post, How to Make Linux Mint Look Like Windows 7, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appe… ...

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