Be an Expert in Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 Administration


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This course helps you to master the skills required for a SysAdmin to manage enterprise Linux Environment, including maintaining software and hardware, updating, configuring, troubleshooting and securing systems, using  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Who is this course for

1. Sysadmins who are currently working with earlier versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

2. Sysadmins who are working on other Linux and UNIX distributions

3. Freshers who are aiming for a Linux system administrator position in a small to an enterprise level environment.

Course Format

This Course Includes below two self paced online video learning Courses

Course 1. Essentials of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 administration  (Click here for Course Outline)

Course 2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux -7 Administration in Enterprise Environment (Click here for Course Outline) 


As part of this Course you will get one year unlimited access to

>> Total of 30 Modules and 120 units

>> Video Explanations about various Red Hat Enterprise Linux features

>> Hands-on Implementation Videos for RHEL-7 Configurations

>> Reference Notes in the form of web pages/PDF

>> Vlabs for 100 hours

>> Email newsletter with practical Scenarios and Case Studies

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Why to Choose for this Course ? 

–> For past several years, have been helping thousands of unix and linux professionals to do their jobs with ease and perfection. Our courses are developed because of the feedback requests from our regular readers.

–> You will be learning from the instructors with more than a decade of proven experience as a Linux professional , an engineer and an architect.

–> Instructor’s Hands on experience in various service domains such as Telecommunications, ISPs, Financial Sector, Automobile , Health Care , will help you to gain the relevant skills as per the IT industry current requirement.

What is 30 days Money back Guarantee?

During the first 30 days of your membership, if you think this membership is not for you ,then please write to us for the refund so that we can refund the membership amount with no questions asked.

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