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Solaris Troubleshooting X86 : finding cause for system power off

Here we discuss about  some guidelines on how to proceed if you find a Sun X64 server has unexpectedly powered off. The examples offered may be specific to a particular command or firmware version, are provided to illustrate a troubleshooting concept, and may not apply to...


VCS : verify if the VERITAS Cluster Server configuration database is open(RW) or closed(RO))

Use the following command to display the current state of the Veritas Cluster Server(VCS) configuration database: # haclus -display | grep ReadOnly ReadOnly 1 A result code of 1 indicates the configuration database is in a closed(ReadOnly) state. A result code of 0 indicates the configuration...


Solaris 10: Patching Solaris 10 on servers with non-global zones

For servers with Solaris 10 OS at, or near, update 1 (1/06) or update 2 (6/06), if non-global zones are already configured and running, patching these servers at single user mode will encounter issues.  Patches may only be loaded on the global zone but not on...


Solaris Patching using Live Upgrade

Solaris Live Upgrade software enables the operating system to continue to run while upgrades, patch installations, or routine maintenance operations are performed. System administrators can patch/upgrade a system image rapidly without impacting the boot environment needed by the Solaris OS to run. Administrators simply create a...


Solaris Troubleshooting : System rebooted … is it Fatal Reset or Red State Exception ?

The unexpected reboots are most often caused by hardware faults and reported by the system as a fatal reset or a red state exception. When errors like these occur, the OS  is abruptly interrupted and can’t continue to log error messages in /var/adm/messages or generate a...


Procedure for disk replacement under veritas volume manager using vxdiskadm utility.

Procedure for disk replacement under veritas volume manager using vxdiskadm utility. Herein I am trying to present disk replacement under VXVM using vxdiskadm utility. Though the same can be done from command line (which is preferable as well). I will present the same in my coming...


Storage : Expansion of solaris filesystem after expanding the corresponding LUN from storage.

Procedure to expand default partition table using native OS utilities: Note: Because the partition table will be removed and rewritten, the following procedure is appropriate ONLY when the file system on the disk has been created on slice 2 and spans the entire Symmetrix volume. The following...

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