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Amazon SageMaker now supports TensorFlow 1.5, Apache MXNet 1.0, and CUDA 9 for P3 Instance Optimization

You can now use TensorFlow 1.5 and Apache MXNet 1.0 with the pre-built deep learning framework containers that are provided with Amazon SageMaker. Amazon SageMaker also now supports CUDA 9 drivers, for faster performance on Amazon SageMaker ml.p3 insta… Continue Reading — Amazon SageMaker now...


PostgreSQL 10 now Supported in Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports PostgreSQL major version 10. PostgreSQL 10 includes various new features including native table partitioning, support for improved parallelism in query execution, ICU collation support, column group statistics, en… Continue Reading — PostgreSQL 10 now Supported in Amazon RDS


Deploy Drupal on the AWS Cloud with New Quick Start

This new Quick Start deploys a highly available Drupal architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 30 minutes. Deploying Drupal on AWS makes it easy to use AWS services to further enhance the performance and extend functionality of you… Continue Reading —...


First Version of Falkon Web Browser Released

The first release of Falkon, the KDE web browser formerly known as QupZilla, is available to download. Falkon 3.0.0 is the first formal release of the rebadged Qt-based web navigator, and follows a name change in summer of last year. As this is more of a rebranding than a...


Kernel Team summary: February 27, 2018

Development (18.04) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule On the road to 18.04 we have a 4.15 based kernel in the Bionic repository. Important upcoming dates: 16.04.4 Point Release – Mar 1 (~1 week away) Feature Freeze – Mar 1 (~1 week away) Beta 1 – Mar 8 (~2 weeks away)...


Ubuntu Server development summary – 27 February 2018

Hello Ubuntu Server The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-server channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you...

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