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Solaris Troubleshooting : Determine cause of a system fault at ok> prompt

The following is useful information on how to determine the cause of a system crash at the ok prompt, using the open boot commands. The Synchronous Fault Status Register (SFSR) provides information on exceptions (faults) issued by the Memory Management Unit (MMU).


VCS : Understand Jeopardy Condition with real time scenerio

VCS facing the  following Issue  :  Service group not failing over when server rebooted. Error messages in /var/adm/messages file: Mar 18 15:26:48 p-vhs-ntt01b-d2 gab: [ID 316943 kern.notice] GAB INFO V-15-1-20036 Port a gen ef2e0f membership 01 Mar 18 15:26:48 p-vhs-ntt01b-d2 gab: [ID 608499 kern.notice] GAB INFO...


Solaris Troubleshooting NIS : Adding a NIS slave server to existing NIS master’s maps

To add a slave server to an existing NIS domain do the following: 1. become root on master 2. cd /var/yp/`domainname` 3. /usr/etc/yp/makedbm -u ypservers > /tmp/tempfile 4. vi /tmp/tempfileAdd the new slave servers name on a new line twice in a row on the same...


Solaris SVM : Create a new DiskSuite configuration which points to the data correctly without requiring a backup & restore.

Create a new DiskSuite configuration which  points to the data correctly without requiring a backup & restore. There are occasions you wish to physically move disks to a new controller or to a new host (at which point, the device names may change).


Solaris Troubleshooting : Configuration of serial consoles (headless) for legacy server hardware

the definition of a headless system is one that does not have an attached keyboard or does not have a Sun console. It will, by default,  send the boot information out serial port A if the keyboard or console are not attached.  Serial port B can also...


Performance Monitoring : Vmstat – to find performance bottleneck

The vmstat command is a useful tool to get a general overview of system performance and to triage for performance issues. Performance bottlenecks fall into four major categories: CPU, disk I/O’s, memory, and network I/O’s. The vmstat can help to find problems within the first three...


Solaris10 Troubleshooting SMF : Debug Services controlled by Solaris SMF

Solaris 10 Operating System introduced the Service Management Facility (SMF), which manages system services such as daemons. Debugging problems traditionally involves killing and restarting those daemons with debugging options. Under SMF the daemons will be immediately restarted so additional steps need to be taken.    

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