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Hovmöller: Moving a large and old codebase to Python3

Anders Hovmöller has posted an account of migrating a large application to Python 3. There were multiple steps on the journey and plenty of lessons learned. “Our philosophy was always to go py2 →py2/py3 → py3 because we just could not realistically do a big bang in...


Inter-Region VPC Peering is Now Available in Nine Additional AWS Regions

Starting today, Inter-Region Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering is available in AWS EU (London), EU (Ireland), EU (Paris), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central) and South America… Continue Reading — Inter-Region VPC Peering is Now Available in...


LXD Weekly Status #35

Introduction This past week we’ve been focusing on a number of open pull requests, getting closer to merging improvements to our storage volume handling, unix char/block devices handling and the massive clustering branch that’s been cooking for a while. We’re hoping to see most of those...


InSpec 2.0 Cloud Resources Mini-Tutorial

InSpec 2 introduces the ability to test cloud resources for compliance in addition to the system and application-level resources that previously appeared in InSpec 1. In this tutorial, we’ll use InSpec to write a very simple control to check attributes on a virtual machine in Amazon...


Announcing InSpec 2.0

We are delighted to announce the availability of InSpec 2.0, the newest version of Chef’s open-source project for compliance automation. InSpec helps you express security and compliance requirements as code and incorporate it directly into the delivery process, eliminating ambiguity and manual processes to help you...

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