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Are You a Distro Hopper?

Are you a regular distro hopper? Is distro hopping your pastime? Or are you content with your current Linux distribution? Let us know in this week’s poll. This post, Are You a Distro Hopper?, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubun… ...


Curlew is a GTK Media Converter for the GNOME desktop

There are plenty of free multimedia converters for Ubuntu available, with command-line champ FFmpeg arguably the most powerful of them all. But this power comes with a complexity. Using FFMpeg to convert media through the command line can be intimidating and arcane. Which is why FFMpeg frontends are popular. Curlew...


AWS CodeBuild Now Provides Build Notifications

AWS CodeBuild now provides notifications when your software builds change their state (start, succeed, or fail). This makes it easy for you to track the status of your builds eliminating the need to set up API polls. Now, you can integrate the notific… Continue Reading...


digiKam 5.6.0 is released

The digiKam Team has released version 5.6.0 of the digiKam Software Collection for photo management. “With this version the HTML gallery and the video slideshow tools are back, database shrinking (e.g. purging stale thumbnails) is also supporte… Continue Reading — digiKam 5.6.0 is released


SUSECON 2017 – Találkozzunk ősszel Prágában!

A SUSE minden ősszel globális konferenciát szervez, ahol bemutatja a legfontosabb újdonságait és terveit, illetve ismerteti az elmúlt év legjelentősebb nyílt forráskódú projektjeinek eredményeit. Idén tőlünk mindössze párszáz kilométerre, Prágában lesz a SUSECON szeptember 25. és 29. között. Ez igazán nem távolság, ezért reméljük, minél többen...

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