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Managing DevOps Teams (new rules for radical management)

Last week, Jamie Bright published the blog post, “Why DevOps is for everyone, not just a single team.” It’s a great read, and this line, “Collaboration and communication, core tenants of DevOps, are critical to building and maintaining a company equipped to meet modern customer needs...


Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 26 Has You Covered!

Fedora 26 will ship with a stunning set of community-contributed wallpapers, and as ever, the standard of entries in the contest is incredibly high. This post, Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 26 Has You Covered!, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appe… Continue Reading...


pemcracker – Tool For Cracking PEM Files

LinuxSecurity.com: pemcracker is a tool for cracking PEM files that are encrypted and have a password. The purpose is to attempt to recover the password for encrypted PEM files while utilising all the CPU cores. Continue Reading — pemcracker – Tool For Cracking PEM Files


TA17-117A: Intrusions Affecting Multiple Victims Across Multiple Sectors

Original release date: April 27, 2017Systems Affected Networked Systems Overview The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) has become aware of an emerging sophisticated campaign, occurring since at least May 2016, that uses multiple malware implants. Initial victims have been identified in several sectors, including...


Bits from the Debian Release Team: release update

The Debian release team has a few words about the upcoming Debian 9 “stretch” release. “At a recent team meeting, we decided that support for Secure Boot in the forthcoming Debian 9 “stretch” would no longer be a blocker to release. The likely,… Continue Reading...


Tor is released: a new series is stable

Tor, the first stable release of the Tor 0.3.0 series, is available. “With the 0.3.0 series, clients and relays now use Ed25519 keys to authenticate their link connections to relays, rather than the old RSA1024 keys that they used befor… Continue Reading — Tor...

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