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Tag Your Spot Fleet EC2 Instances

Amazon EC2 Spot Fleet now supports user tags that will automatically propagate to instances launched by your Fleets. This makes it easier for Spot Fleet customers to track ownership, drive their cost accounting processes, implement compliance protocols… Continue Reading — Tag Your Spot Fleet EC2...


[$] Faster reference-count overflow protection

Improving the security of a system often involves tradeoffs, with the costs measured in terms of convenience and performance, among others. To their frustration, security-oriented developers often discover that the tolerance for these costs is … Continue Reading — [$] Faster reference-count overflow protection


Fedora 25: librsvg2 Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: librsvg 2.40.18 release, fixing CVE-2017-11464 (division-by-zero in the Gaussian blur code). For details, see https://mail.gnome.org/archives/ftp-release- list/2017-July/msg00078.html Continue Reading — Fedora 25: librsvg2 Security Update

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