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[$] The NOVA filesystem

Nonvolatile memory offers the promise of fast, byte-addressable storage that persists over power cycles. Taking advantage of that promise requires the imposition of some sort of directory structure so that the persistent data can be found. The… Continue Reading — [$] The NOVA filesystem


Git v2.14.0

Git v2.14.0 has been released with several notable changes, many updates, and plenty of bug fixes. The release notes (below) contain the details. Continue Reading — Git v2.14.0


Phew, Ubuntu 17.10 Will Have a Desktop Dock

This October a new release of Ubuntu will emerge with a drastically different identify. GNOME Shell is the new default desktop environment in Ubuntu 17.10, and those used to Unity are in for a bit of a culture shock. But, mercifully, Ubuntu doesn’t plan to thrust...


AWS CodeCommit Now Sends State Changes to Amazon CloudWatch Events, Saves User Preferences, and Adds Tag Details View

AWS CodeCommit now sends repository state changes to Amazon CloudWatch events. For example, the repository state changes include activities like pushing new code to a code repository. Using these new event types, customers can build Amazon CloudWatch … Continue Reading — AWS CodeCommit Now Sends...

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