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Solaris SDS : Both Submirrors go into ‘Needs Maintenance’ when I/O is performed but no disk errors seen

The following is the Sample SVM(Solaris Volume Manager) configuration of the layered soft partition. d50: Soft Partition Device: d100 State: Okay Size: 10485760 blocks (5.0 GB) Extent              Start Block              Block count 0                        1                 10485760 d100: Mirror Submirror 0: d101 State: Okay Submirror 1: d102 State: Okay...


Solaris10 : SMF Troubleshooting Guide

SMF logfiles can be found in the following locations: /var/svc/log & /etc/svc/volatile The SMF manifests and methods may be found here: /var/svc/manifest/* /lib/svc/method/* To see the log file location for a given service use: #svcs -l <FMRI> | grep logfile (<FMRI> – Fault Management Resource Identifier)  

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