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Deploy Couchbase on the AWS Cloud with New Quick Start

This new Quick Start automatically deploys the Couchbase Data Platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The Quick Start was created by AWS partners Couchbase and ClearScale in partnership with AWS. Continue Reading — Deploy Couchbase on the AWS Cloud with New Quick Start


LXD Weekly Status #27

Introduction This past week was incredibly busy and featureful for both LXC and LXD. We landed Infinband support in LXD, alongside new configuration keys to control the presence of /dev/lxd in the container and support for pre-migration of memory during container live-migration. That’s on top of...


[$] Toward better CPU load estimation

“Load tracking” refers to the kernel’s attempts to track how much load each running process will put on the system’s CPUs. Good load tracking can yield reasonable predictions about the near-future demands on the system; those, in turn, can be u… Continue Reading — [$]...

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