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How Niu balances speed and compliance for their digital transformation customers

Companies come to Niu Solutions to help them tackle difficult digital transformations while preserving their need for compliance. Learn how they applied detect and correct practices to tackle these challenges. The old engineers’ adage of “fast, safe and cheap, pick two” doesn’t apply in the cloud-native...


[$] The rest of the 4.14 merge window

As is sometimes his way, Linus Torvalds released 4.14-rc1 and closed the merge window one day earlier than some might have expected. By the time, though, 11,556 non-merge changesets had found their way into the mainline repository, so there is … Continue Reading — [$]...


Kernel prepatch 4.14-rc1

The 4.14-rc1 kernel prepatch is out, and the merge window is closed for this development cycle. “Yes, I realize this is a day early, and yes, I realize that if I had waited until tomorrow, I would also have hit the 26th anniversary of the Linux… ...

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