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[$] Three candidates vying to be DPL

The annual Debian project leader (DPL) election is well underway at this point; voting begins in early April and the outcome will be known after the polls close on April 18. Outgoing DPL Sam Hartman posted a lengthy “non-platform” in the run-up to the election, which detailed...


How a data science workstation can enhance AI productivity

Dell’s data science workstation is a purpose built, “heavy AI” development enterprise-class workstation for Data Scientists. In this joint webinar between Dell (Kyle Harper) and Canonical (Eduardo Aguilar) we will introduce our joint AI workstation solution to the market, consisting of Dell hardware and NVIDIA GPU,...


Amazon Elastic File System announces 400% increase in read operations for General Purpose mode file systems

Starting today, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) General Purpose mode file systems support up to 35,000 read operations per second, a 400% increase from the previous limit of 7,000. Maximum write operations are unchanged at 7,000 per second. Continue Reading — Amazon Elastic File System...

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