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Announcing EMR release 5.22.0: Support for new versions of HBase, Oozie, Flink, and optimized EBS configuration for improved IO performance for applications such as Spark

You can now use Apache HBase 1.4.9, Apache Flink 1.7.1, and Apache Oozie 5.1.0 on Amazon EMR release 5.22.0. These releases include various bug fixes and stability improvements. Also, with this release, we have increased the default EBS storage size of EC2 instances that have EBS-only...


What Does the New Chef Mean for the Community?

Chef would not exist without its community. Our Open Source community built the foundation upon which every part of Chef stands. Together we continue to evolve and grow and shape each other as Chef moves into its third chapter. At Chef we firmly believe that Open Source...


[$] Managing sysctl knobs with BPF

“Sysctl” is the kernel’s mechanism for exposing tunable parameters to user space. Every sysctl knob is presented as a virtual file in a hierarchy under /proc/sys; current values can be queried by reading those files, and a suitably privileged u… Continue Reading — [$] Managing...

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