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Solaris10 Troubleshooting Zones : Can’t boot to zones

The non-global zones (or zones) facility in Solaris[TM] provides an isolated environment for running applications. The zones FAQ can be found at OpenSolaris.org. Symptoms: zone boot error zone boot failed can’t login to the zone can’t access zone zone not running


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Solaris Troubleshooting Reference – Forcing a coredump on hung x86 / x64 solaris system

Befor going for troubleshooting please confirm that you really having ” system hang “    Symptoms of System hang: System appears to be hung system is not pingable can not login can not execute commands can not mount shares can not start/stop services system not responding hanging...


SAN Storage Operations for Enterprise System Administrators

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Solaris – diagnosis of various multipath products

It is often necessary to system administrators to determine the multipath status, when ever they receive any alert / error / warning related to the storage. And in my previous post I have discussed about idenification of multipath product in solaris server, In this post i...


Linux Admin Reference – Sendmail Issues in Redhat Enterprise Linux

Just discussing some of the common sendmail issues and troubleshooting procedures in linux  Problem: Sendmail can not send mail to users in other domains. Problem: Error log in sendmail.log. Problem:Sendmail rejects connection. Problem:Can not send email via web access client. Problem: Sendmail hangs on boot Problem:...

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