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Jones: Patch review and message brokers

On his blog, Richard WM Jones describes work he has done on an automated patch testing system that is similar to the kernel 0-day test service. “Today I thought I’d write something like this, partly to reinvent the wheel, but mostly to learn more about the...


Roland McGrath bows out as glibc maintainer

In what seems to be an acknowledgment of the status quo, rather than a big change, GNU C library (glibc) founder and maintainer Roland McGrath has stepped down from the project. This is not caused by any “big news with me”, he said, just a reco… ...


[$] Hardened usercopy whitelisting

There are many ways to attempt to subvert an operating-system kernel. One particularly effective way, if it can be arranged, is to attack the operations that copy data between user-space and kernel-space memory. If the kernel can be fooled int… Continue Reading — [$] Hardened...

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