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Away With Shenanigans

A relic from a time “long” past finally disappears. As of today launching instances from SUSE BYOS images in Google Compute Engine no longer requires any special steps, hurray. Prior to this change it was necessary to subscribe to the suse-byos-cloud [at] googlegroups [dot] com Google-group...


[$] Entering the mosh pit

For some years now, your editor has heard glowing reviews of Mosh — the “mobile shell” — as a replacement for SSH. The Mosh developers make a number of claims about its reconnection ability, performance, and security; at least some of those are relatively easily testable....


The Ubuntu Desktop Team Wants YOUR Feedback

The Ubuntu Desktop team is tasked with transitioning Ubuntu desktop over from Unity to GNOME — and they need your feedback to help them do it. This post, The Ubuntu Desktop Team Wants YOUR Feedback, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. ...


A proposal to move GNOME to GitLab

The GNOME project has, after a period of contemplation, put forward a proposal to move to a GitLab installation on GNOME’s infrastructure. “We are confident that GitLab is a good choice for GNOME, and we can’t wait for GNOME to modernise our developer experience with it....


Ardour 5.9 released

The Ardour audio editor project has announced the 5.9 release. “Ardour 5.9 is now available, representing several months of development that spans some new features and many improvements and fixes. Among other things, some significant optimiza… Continue Reading — Ardour 5.9 released

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