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[$] Accurate timestamps for the ftrace ring buffer

The function tracer (ftrace) subsystem has become an essential part of the kernel’s introspection tooling. Like many kernel subsystems, ftrace uses a ring buffer to quickly communicate events to user space; those events include a timestamp to … Continue Reading — [$] Accurate timestamps for...


Amazon Comprehend now supports Amazon Sagemaker GroundTruth training datasets for custom model training

You can now train Custom Named Entity Recognition and Custom Classification models in Amazon Comprehend using training datasets from Amazon Sagemaker GroundTruth. You can use Comprehend’s Custom Named Entity Recognition to identify terms that are specific to your industry or organization. For example, you can instantly...


Linux Journal is Back

Linux Journal has returned under the ownership of Slashdot Media. “As Linux enthusiasts and long-time fans of Linux Journal, we were disappointed to hear about Linux Journal closing it’s doors last year. It took some time, but fortunately we wer… Continue Reading — Linux Journal...

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