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Kernel prepatch 4.18-rc2

The second 4.18 kernel prepatch is out for testing. “Anyway, it’s early in the rc series yet, but things look fairly normal.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 4.18-rc2


China Escalates Hacks Against the US as Trade Tensions Rise

LinuxSecurity.com: In 2015, the United States and China agreed to a digital truce that banned hacking private companies to steal trade secrets. And though the agreement has been touted as a success, it hasn’t stopped Chinese state-sponsored hackers fro… Continue Reading — China Escalates Hacks...


Asteroid Day is June 30 – Do you know where your NEOs are?

Asteroid Day is a UN-sanctioned global awareness campaign supporting thousands of independently organized events on June 30th and providing online educational asteroid resources. In support of Asteroid Day, I would like to share a story about an ongoing project at NASA that addresses the asteroid threat...


Fedora 28: python-prometheus_client Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: Update to latest Synapse release which fixes CVE-2018-12291 (0.31.1) and a second security bug in 0.31.2: https://github.com/matrix- org/synapse/releases/tag/v0.31.2 This update includes a new package which is a dependency introduced… Continue Reading — Fedora 28: python-prometheus_client Security Update

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