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Bash Scripting – the for command

Iterating through a series of commands is a common programming practice. Often, you need to repeat a set of commands until a specific condition has been met, such as processing all the files in a directory, all the users on a system, or all the lines...


Bash Scripting – Using Double Parantheses

Two additions to the bash shell provide advanced features that you can use in if-then statements: Double parentheses for mathematical expressions Double square brackets for advanced string handling functions The following sections describe each of these features in more detail.


Solaris Administration Package ( Self Paced Video Learning )

What is this Membership for? Solaris Associate Membership will give you access to our On-Demand Video Learning Solaris Courses for one year. The Solaris Associate Membership includes Several Courses that are related to Solaris Operating System and you can access all of them for one year....


Veritas Training ( VxVM + VCS ) – Self Paced Video Learning

What is this Training Package ? In Machine Critical Enterprise Server Environment, storage management and high availability are the two major requirements. These requirements are very dynamic in nature and require very efficient man power to carry out day to day tasks related to them. Acquiring...


Bash Scripting – Trying the Test Command

So far, all you’ve seen in the if statement line are normal shell commands. You might be wondering if the bash if-then statement has the ability to evaluate any condition other than a command’s exit status code. The answer is no, it can’t. However, there’s a...


Bash Scripting – How to use Nesting ifs

Sometimes, you must check for several situations in your script code. For these situations, you can nest the if-then statements: To check if a logon name is not in the /etc/passwd file and yet a directory for that user still exists, use a nested if-then statement....

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