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Debian: DSA-4224-1: gnupg security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Marcus Brinkmann discovered that GnuGPG performed insufficient sanitisation of file names displayed in status messages, which could be abused to fake the verification status of a signed email. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4224-1: gnupg security update


Debian: DSA-4219-1: jruby security update

LinuxSecurity.com: Several vulnerabilities were discovered in jruby, a Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. They would allow an attacker to use specially crafted gem files to mount cross-site scripting attacks, cause denial of service … Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4219-1: jruby security update


Bug Bounty Payouts Up 73% Per Vulnerability: Bugcrowd

LinuxSecurity.com: The past year was a big one for bug bounties, with more programs offering more money to more researchers. Bug bounty programs grew 40% year-over-year, the average payout per vulnerability rose 73% to reach $781, and the number of Bug… Continue Reading — Bug...

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