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Haas: New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10

Here’s an extensive summary of new features in the upcoming PostgreSQL 10 release from Robert Haas. “PostgreSQL has had physical replication — often called streaming replication — since version 9.0, but this requires replicating the entire da… Continue Reading — Haas: New Features Coming in...


Diving into Elixir

The following article has been contributed by Imobach González Sosa, Software Engineer at the YaST team, SUSE.           Apart from being fun, I truly believe that learning new programming languages helps you to become a better developer. And that’s specially true if...


Open Build Service 2.8 Released

Open Build Service 2.8 has been released. “We’ve been hard at work to bring you many new features to the UI, the API and the backend. The UI has undergone several handy improvements including the filtering of the projects list based on a configurable regular expression...


The new contribution workflow for GNOME

The GNOME Project has announced a streamlined contribution system built around a Flatpak-based build system. “No specific distribution required. No specific version required. No dependencies hell. Reproducible, if it builds for me it will build… Continue Reading — The new contribution workflow for GNOME

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