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Encrypted Media Extensions a W3C Recommendation

Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) have been under review by the W3C Advisory Committee since last March. This report from the committee addresses comments and objections to EME. “After consideration of the issues, the Director reached a decision… Continue Reading — Encrypted Media Extensions a W3C...


GNOME Pie App Launcher Serves Up a New Release

A fresh slice of GNOME Pie, a slick animated application launcher for Linux, is now available. GNOME Pie 0.7.1 arrives out of the oven with basic Wayland support, some minor usability and interaction improvements, plus a layer of pastry flavored patches for previously pernickety problems. The code...


Qubes: Toward a Reasonably Secure Laptop

The Qubes OS project has announced a program for the certification of “reasonably secure” laptops, but users will have to wait to get such a machine: “So far, no third-party manufacturers have produced a computer that satisfies these requirement… Continue Reading — Qubes: Toward a...


Webinar: Building a commercial robot with open source

Live webinar Developing a new device is hard. So is taking that device to production. However, we see numerous examples of companies devoting all of their time to development, and none to answering the important questions that are raised as one approaches production, such as: What...


English openSUSE wiki will be updated and moved home

On Tuesday July from 15:30 UTC untill 18:30 UTC, the MediaWiki instance hosted behind en.opensuse.org will be set to read only, with slight possible downtimes. The reason for the downtime is the move of the wiki from the old Provo cluster to the new Nuremberg opensuse...

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