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Create your first Virtual machine in RHEL/CentOS using KVM

Use of virtualization is on rise, more & more enterprises are adopting it. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using it cost saving. Companies save on hardware resources, space & reduced power consumption. &One of the major player in the field of virtualization is KVM technology. KVM...


Bash Scripting – Redirecting output in scripts

You can use the STDOUT and STDERR file descriptors in your scripts to produce output in multiple locations simply by redirecting the appropriate file descriptors. There are two methods for redirecting output in the script: Temporarily redirecting each line Permanently redirecting all commands in the script...


Bash Scripting – Reading user inputs

Although providing command line options and parameters is a great way to get data from your script users, sometimes your script needs to be more interactive. Sometimes you need to ask a question while the script is running and wait for a response from the person...


Bash Scripting – using shift command

Another tool you have in your bash shell tool belt is the shift command. The bash shell provides the shift command to help you manipulate command line parameters. The shift command literally shifts the command line parameters in their relative positions. When you use the shift...

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