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VxVM 5.0- Replacing rootdisk from rootdg – failing with error "Disk public region is too small"

Error while adding  replaced disk to the root mirror Solaris:/etc/vx/bin> vxdg -g rootdg -k adddisk rootdisk=c1t4d0s2 VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10127 associating disk-media rootdisk with c1t4d0s2:    Disk public region is too small   Resolution:  Solaris :/etc/vx/bin> vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS c1t4d0s2     auto:sliced     –            –           ...


VxVM : Recovering the mirrored volume with both sides of mirror components ( plexes) had Error State

This post is continuation to the Yogesh’s recent post ” Recovering Disabled Disk groups” ( which is talking about recovering Disk group which has no volume issues at low level but just failed to initiate during the start up),  and also related to the post  “Recovering...


Dynamic LUN expansion in Veritas Volume Manager on Solaris OS

In under Storage Configuration section, we have already discussed many examples on how to expand a filesystem using the new Storage LUNs allocated to a server. There are situations, that storage team sometimes just expands the already assigned LUN to the extra size ( provided...


VxVM Troubleshooting – vxdisk list shows "online failing"

There are times that we see the disk status as “online failing” in vxdisk list output, even though the underlying hardware issue is not with the disk but with either controller or some other related hardware. Once we fix the non disk related hardware issue we...


VCS : Sample VCS configuration with Single Oracle Instance

  Sample VCS configuration file for single Oracle instance Review the sample configuration with a resource of type Oracle that is configured as follows in file. The shared disk groups and volumes in the cluster are configured as resources of type DiskGroup and Volume respectively....

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