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Solaris SVM : Grow Mirrored root under SDS / SVM

This is a step by step procedure to grow a root filesystem which is mirrored using Solstice Disksuite or Solaris Volume Manager. It is strongly recommended that a backup of the root filesystem be performed  prior to following this procedure. Also, experience with the Disksuite or Solaris Volume...


Solaris SVM : Create a new DiskSuite configuration which points to the data correctly without requiring a backup & restore.

Create a new DiskSuite configuration which  points to the data correctly without requiring a backup & restore. There are occasions you wish to physically move disks to a new controller or to a new host (at which point, the device names may change).


Solaris Troubleshooting : Restore SDS Root mirror from the backup

NOTE: In order to restore the machine exactly the way it was, it is necessary to have a record of the locations of the state databases, and also the configuration of the metadevices. These are *not* held in user-readable form on the root filesystem, so it...


Solaris SVM – moving file system from one partition to another partition on the fly

Moving a file system normally  involves dismounting the file system, backing it up to tapes, and restoring it to a new partition. You may also copy the file system from one place to another while it is unmounted. This process could take a significant amount of...


VXVM : Unable to recognise newly-added disks

VERITAS Volume Manager 3.x/4.x: Unable to Recognize Newly-Added Disks. A few reasons why this occurs: The command vxdctl enable should be run, to rescan the host for any newly-added disks.


Solaris Solstice DiskSuite: recover a metadevice that is in an unstable state OR how to recreate metadevice without losing data

When  a metadevice goes into an undefined state,  recovery of metadevice with meta commands is problematic.   The workaround is to re-create the metadevice after carefully recording the current configuration from metastat -p.   The procedure is a bit risky if not followed carefully, so keep the backup handy....


Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) – Adding Mirror to a metadevice housing soft partitions.

To add a mirror to a metadevice with one or more soft partitions can be done with a short amount of downtime, but it’s a bit tricky. The best way to illustrate this procedure is with an example. In the example below, we’ll use the following...


Solaris Troubleshooting SDS/SVM: How to Replace a Disk which contained Soft Partitions with

When trying to access a soft partition after a disk replacement, the metareplace command or any direct I/O to a soft partition will fail with the following types of errors: In an instance where d68 is the mirror device, and d28 is a soft partition inside one of...

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