Category: Solaris Troubleshooting


Solaris Troubleshooting : Boot Error “FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled”

In most cases, this warning occurs at the OBP “ok” prompt if the power-up initialization (right after the banner was displayed) was aborted. Usually,this is done by using the Stop-A keystroke (XIR Reset).If after such an occurrence “boot” command is executed, the system displays the following...


Solaris Troubleshooting : Force an Ethernet network boot client to boot in full duplex or half duplex mode

At Open Boot Prom (OBP) level, all Sun Ethernet interfaces default to use autonegotiation to connect with the highest possible speed and mode. Since most switches and interfaces use this default, too, it is Sun’s recommendation not to change it for regular use


Solaris Troubleshooting: CDE login problems

1) Check the related logfiles for error messages: /var/dt/Xerrors (note that this file is recycled by dtlogin, especially, it might be empty after dtlogin has been restarted) $HOME/.dt/*log* (startlog, startlog.old, startlog.older, errorlog, errorlog.old, and errorlog.older) /var/adm/messages /var/adm/messages on the home directory server, especially if users with...


Solaris 10 Troubleshooting : Check the Integrity of libraries and critical files

Installing or uninstalling a patch intends to perform 3 main functions: file updates, file additions, and file removals. – File updates update the existing files installed on disk via scripts or add the patch files to replace the existing files installed on disk. – File additions...

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