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Solaris IPMP – Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Symptoms: *  mpathd error messages in /var/adm/messages: No test address configured on interface <interface_name> disabling probe-based failure detection on it Test address address is not unique; disabling probe based failure detection on <interface_name> The link has gone down on <interface_name> Successfully failed over from  NIC  <interface_name1>...

Solaris NIS Information Center

Read – Configure Master, Slave and Client Read – Removing a NIS slave server (or convert it to a NIS client) Read – Adding a NIS slave server to existing NIS master’s maps Read – How to completely remove NIS from all machines Read – Restricting...

Solaris Basic Networking Information Center

Read – Data Gathering for Network Related Issues Read – Ethernet Hardware Error Checking Read –Troubleshooting lost Virtual interfaces after system reboot Read – Things to know about Solaris Virtual Interfaces Read – Understanding Network VLANs Read – Verifying Physical Connectivity for Solaris and Linux Read...


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