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Solaris NIS Information Center

Read – Configure Master, Slave and Client Read – Removing a NIS slave server (or convert it to a NIS client) Read – Adding a NIS slave server to existing NIS master’s maps Read – How to completely remove NIS from all machines Read – Restricting...

Solaris Basic Networking Information Center

Read – Data Gathering for Network Related Issues Read – Ethernet Hardware Error Checking Read –Troubleshooting lost Virtual interfaces after system reboot Read – Things to know about Solaris Virtual Interfaces Read – Understanding Network VLANs Read – Verifying Physical Connectivity for Solaris and Linux Read...


Solaris Configuration : Configuring Apache2 under SMF

Why we need install Apache2 under SMF manually, isn’t that configured automatically when we install the package ? Actually, If the Apache 2 ( httpd) server is installed along with the Solaris 10 installation, the SMF entries for Apache 2 are configured by default. However, if...


Solaris Troubleshooting – in.mpathd Error Messages and Corrective Actions

This article will give you quick overview of various in.mapthd error messages, the meaning and corrective action for each message. To understand more about in.mpathd troubleshooting you can refer the following articles  – Solaris IPMP Troubleshooting 


Solaris – Sendmail Troubleshooting Reference

The Difference Between the Sendmail Daemon in Solaris 9/10 and Prior versions With the release of Sendmail 8.12.1, significant changes were made to how Sendmail is installed and used. Historically Sendmail was installed as a set-uid binary that was owned by user root. Due to the security...


Solaris Network Performance Tuning : know about TCP window size

Our Unixadmin, John from xyz company,  recently upgraded one of his server’s network interface card  from the old one with 100MB speed to a new one with 10Gig speed , and the reason is to improve the speed for the backup of the server. After the NIC Upgrade  john found that the server network...

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