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Solaris 10: Configuring netmasks and default gateway in zones

The command, zonecfg, has no provision for defining the netmask of network resources. Modifying /etc/netmask file resident within the designated zone does not configure the netmask of the new interface. This procedure details how to set the netmask of a network resource within a zone to...


Solaris 10 : Zone/Container creation

This post explains some of the basic questions and procedures involved in Zone/container creation 1) Where will the Container reside? # mkdir -p /export/zones 2) Configure the Container: Command zonecfg, located in /usr/sbin like all other Zone Commands, is used to configure the Container. The Zone...


Solaris10 Troubleshooting SMF : Debug Services controlled by Solaris SMF

Solaris 10 Operating System introduced the Service Management Facility (SMF), which manages system services such as daemons. Debugging problems traditionally involves killing and restarting those daemons with debugging options. Under SMF the daemons will be immediately restarted so additional steps need to be taken.    


Solaris 10 : Service Milestones

They provide a way to group services together. Solaris defines 3 of them (there are others) which roughly relate to the traditional Solaris  runlevels: svc:/milestone/single-user >>> init S svc:/milestone/multi-user >>> init 2 svc:/milestone/multi-user-server >>> init 3 In addition, SMF has two pseudo milestones: none >>> Do...


Solaris 10 : Configuring Resource Controls with zones

On a system with 2 non-global zones running, we’ll use a program called “hog” to demonstrate a cpu intensive program within the zones. # zoneadm list -vc ID NAME STATUS PATH 0 global running / 1 zone2 running /export/zone2 2 zone1 running /export/zone1 # pwd /export/home/student/zones


Solaris10 : SMF Troubleshooting Guide

SMF logfiles can be found in the following locations: /var/svc/log & /etc/svc/volatile The SMF manifests and methods may be found here: /var/svc/manifest/* /lib/svc/method/* To see the log file location for a given service use: #svcs -l <FMRI> | grep logfile (<FMRI> – Fault Management Resource Identifier)  


Solaris 10 : Fault Management Daemon Services

The most important aspect of FMA to understand is the distinction between errors and faults. Errors are no longer simply written to the /var/adm/messages files for a human to diagnose, instead errors are used by the fmd (fault management daemon) to diagnose faults. Only the faults are...


Solaris 10 : Troubleshoot the problems while initializing network services

Actual Problem Scenerio Unable to initialize network services right after installing Solaris 10 Operating System(OS). All the network services appear in the state: “uninitialized” in the output of the inetadm command. The vold process also won’t start, so the CDROM will not mount automatically, as autofs...

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