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Solaris Troubleshooting : Configuration of serial consoles (headless) for legacy server hardware

the definition of a headless system is one that does not have an attached keyboard or does not have a Sun console. It will, by default,  send the boot information out serial port A if the keyboard or console are not attached.  Serial port B can also...


Performance Monitoring : Vmstat – to find performance bottleneck

The vmstat command is a useful tool to get a general overview of system performance and to triage for performance issues. Performance bottlenecks fall into four major categories: CPU, disk I/O’s, memory, and network I/O’s. The vmstat can help to find problems within the first three...


Solaris10 Troubleshooting SMF : Debug Services controlled by Solaris SMF

Solaris 10 Operating System introduced the Service Management Facility (SMF), which manages system services such as daemons. Debugging problems traditionally involves killing and restarting those daemons with debugging options. Under SMF the daemons will be immediately restarted so additional steps need to be taken.    


Solaris Troubleshooting : Restore SDS Root mirror from the backup

NOTE: In order to restore the machine exactly the way it was, it is necessary to have a record of the locations of the state databases, and also the configuration of the metadevices. These are *not* held in user-readable form on the root filesystem, so it...


Solaris SVM – moving file system from one partition to another partition on the fly

Moving a file system normally  involves dismounting the file system, backing it up to tapes, and restoring it to a new partition. You may also copy the file system from one place to another while it is unmounted. This process could take a significant amount of...


VXVM : Unable to recognise newly-added disks

VERITAS Volume Manager 3.x/4.x: Unable to Recognize Newly-Added Disks. A few reasons why this occurs: The command vxdctl enable should be run, to rescan the host for any newly-added disks.

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