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Password protecting an Apache directory

Apache is known for being fast, secure & extremely customization. We can modify apache as per our needs & requirements with its various modules & configurations. One such file that is used to modify configurations of the website is ‘.htaccess’ file. .htaccess .htaccess is short for hyper...


Load balancing web server using POUND load balancer

Load balancers are used to improve the performance of infrastructure, whether they are being used to improve performance of a single system by distributing load across various network interfaces or load balancing might be used to distribute load of a web server across several backend servers....


Securing Apache web server with SSL Certificate

When accessing a website, user sends its request to server & server than responds to user with the requested data.  During this process data gets passed on from one computer to another until it reaches to its destination and data during transit can be intercepted leading to...


Comprehensive guide to creating an APACHE Web server

Apache web server is the most popular & widely used web server. It is open source software that is maintained by apache foundation & according to a data , it is being used on two-third (almost 67%) of total web servers to host websites. It is...


Linux Admin Reference – Mysql on Redhat Enterprise Linux

MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation.This article describe the procedure to install mysql and perform initial configuration required as part of many third party application installations.


Hands on LAB – Configuring LAMP STACK for Web Applications- cookbook

  The Internet World , we live today ,completely filled with web pages and applications. In the initial days, web sites were just limited to static html pages and the traditional web servers like Apache fulfilled the purpose. But now the current trend is dynamic web pages which...


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