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Securing DHCP server with Firewall ( RHEL5/6)

Before any of the clients can start obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server, you need to deal with the security requirements for the DHCP server. They include adding a firewall rule with iptables and disabling any SELinux options that prevent the DHCP service from...


DHCP Server Configuration in Linux ( RHEL5/6)

One of the basics elements found on all networks is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, making it an important part of any network. DHCP makes network administration easy because you can make changes to a single point (the DHCP server) on your network and...


Configuring Various Network Services using xinetd in Linux RHEL5/6)

As a system administrator, you will most likely need to provide your users with network and Internet services. These services may include FTP, HTTP, or Telnet. Although some software packages like Apache provide a single service (HTTP), there is also a master service called xinetd that...


Caching-Only DNS server

The setup of a name caching-only server is a little different from what you have done already. The first thing we mentioned before starting any configuration is that you back up the original /etc/named.conf file (RHEL6 only). This original /etc/named.conf file is actually a sample named.conf...

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