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Ten most frequently used Linux networking services, in enterprise unix networks

  In this post I am just talking about top 10 networking services that are commonly used in enterprise linux networks. Below are the top 10 Services, and it is worthwhile to know for the beginners to understand the purpose of each service, procedure to manage...


Linux Admin Reference – Sendmail Issues in Redhat Enterprise Linux

Just discussing some of the common sendmail issues and troubleshooting procedures in linux  Problem: Sendmail can not send mail to users in other domains. Problem: Error log in sendmail.log. Problem:Sendmail rejects connection. Problem:Can not send email via web access client. Problem: Sendmail hangs on boot Problem:...


inetd Vs xinetd in linux

The inetd daemon The inetd daemon is best described as a super-server, created to manage many daemons or services. It listens to multiple ports, and invokes only requested services. This reduces the load that services place on a system, because it means that network services –...

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