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Linux Admin Reference – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath – Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Device-mapper is a very important component of Linux 2.6 kernel. It is used for many critical storage related applications, such as LVM2, Linux native multipath tool device-mapper-multipath, device-mapper software RAID, etc. A solid understanding of device-mapper helps system administrators to investigate various kinds of issues with...


Linux – Online configuration of new SAN disks to create new sybase raw volumes, using LVM.

As part of regular System Admin task we were asked to configure new storage to an existing sybase server without disturbing the existing storage and expecting no downtime for the existing production server. All necessary storage LUNS were already allocated by the Storage team as mentioned...


Experience LINUX LVM (Logical Volume Manager) with real time examples

1.) What LVM is? 2.) Terminology 3.) Creation of Physical Vol, Volume Group, Logical Volume, Filesystem creation, Mount and making the FS entry in /etc/fstab 4.) Add new disk under existing Volume Group 5.) Filesystem extension in Linux 6.) Filesystem shrinking in Linux 7.) Removing disk...


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