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How to deal with Linux Performance Issues (Video)

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Linux Administration Information Center

Booting Tasks Read – Unexpected Server Reboots of RHEL servers on HP Read – Linux Admin Reference – RedHat Linux Grub Loader Storage Responsibilities Read – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath Read – Identifying Disk Errors in Linux Read – Identify if linux was installed on...


RHEL 6 – Controlling Cache Memory / Page Cache Size

What is Page cache ?  When a user process reads or writes a file, it is actually modifying a copy of that file in main memory. The kernel creates that copy from the disk and writes back changes to it when necessary. The memory taken up...


Understanding Linux Hugepages

Before we discuss about Huge pages, we should revise some of the basic concepts about Operating system memory management. Operating systems basically deals with two types of memory for its operations one is Physical memory ( actual Physical RAM) and the second is Virtual memory ( combination of Physical...

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