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Why Windows 7 Users Should Switch to Linux

The end of Windows 7 support leaves hundreds of millions of PC users stranded on an unmaintained system that’s vulnerable to hacks, malware, and viruses. Microsoft would have you believe that upgrading to Windows 10 […] This post, Why Windows 7 Users Should Switch to Linux,...


[$] KRSI and proprietary BPF programs

The “kernel runtime security instrumentation” (or KRSI) patch set enables the attachment of BPF programs to every security hook in the kernel; LWN covered this work in December. That article focused on ABI issues, but it deferred another potent… Continue Reading — [$] KRSI and...


Amazon ECS Preview Support for EFS file systems Now Available

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now supports Amazon Elastic Filesystem (EFS) filesystems in ECS task definitions (in preview). When using ECS task definitions compatible with the EC2 launch type, customers can add EFS filesystems to their task d… Continue Reading — Amazon ECS Preview Support...


Top 5 Reasons Why You CAN’T MISS SUSECON 2020

A new year, a new decade, and a new SUSE (now fully independent), all coalesce to a new SUSECON—bigger, more inspiring, and more focused on the world we live in than ever before. Like a pot of gold, SUSECON 2020 will be full of life-enhancing moments...

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