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VCS information Center

  VCS for Beginners Read – VCS for Beginners – Getting Started with VCS Read – VCS for Beginners– Cluster Membership & IO Fencing Read – VCS for Beginners – Understand Jeopardy Condition with real time scenerio Read – VCS for Beginners – Configuring Veritas Cluster...


VxVM Information Center

VxVM Beginners Learning Read – VxVM Beginner’s Lesson Read – VxVM Learning with Commands and Examples Read – What is new in VxSF 6.0 Read – Important Definitions of VxVM Read – VxVM Volume States and Plex States Read – Veritas Plex state Transition VxVM How-to...


Storage Configuration information Center

  Read – SAN Guide for Beginners Read – SAN Storage Responsibilities for Enterprise System Administrators Read – Pre-Planning/Pre-work required for Storage Migrations in Unix. Read – SCSI Guide for Beginners Read – EMC Power Path commands for system administrators Read – Determine WWN for HBA...


Linux Administration Information Center

Booting Tasks Read – Unexpected Server Reboots of RHEL servers on HP Read – Linux Admin Reference – RedHat Linux Grub Loader Storage Responsibilities Read – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath Read – Identifying Disk Errors in Linux Read – Identify if linux was installed on...


Solaris NIS Information Center

Read – Configure Master, Slave and Client Read – Removing a NIS slave server (or convert it to a NIS client) Read – Adding a NIS slave server to existing NIS master’s maps Read – How to completely remove NIS from all machines Read – Restricting...


Solaris NFS Information Center

Read – NFS Beginners Guide Read – Migration from NFSv3 to NFSv4 Read – “stale NFS file handle” errors Read – Hard vs Soft mounts Read – ls -la hangs on root (/) Read – error “RPC: program not registered” Errors Read – Configuring Firewall ports...


Solaris Zones and LDOMS Information Center

Read – Create and Install Non-Global Zones Read – Container Creation Read – verify the configuration and Troubleshoot zones that fail to boot Read – Can’t boot to zones Read – Not able to login into Non-globalzones (NGZ) after Patching. Read – Configuring netmasks and default...


Solaris SMF Information Center

Read – Experimenting with smf to run parallel sshd service on different port Read – Debug Services controlled by Solaris SMF Read – Service Milestones Read – Configuring Apache2 under SMF Read – Troubleshooting Guide Read – Fault Management Daemon Services Read – Troubleshoot the problems...

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