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Solaris Performance Information Center

Read – Identify memory usage by a specific process Read – Use Vmstat to find performance bottleneck Read – Generating System Utilization Statistics Read – [Video] Finding CPU / IO / Memory Bottlenecks Read – Memory usage checking and troubleshooting Read – Calculate Collision rate in...


Solaris Basic Networking Information Center

Read – Data Gathering for Network Related Issues Read – Ethernet Hardware Error Checking Read –Troubleshooting lost Virtual interfaces after system reboot Read – Things to know about Solaris Virtual Interfaces Read – Understanding Network VLANs Read – Verifying Physical Connectivity for Solaris and Linux Read...


Solaris Kernel Information Center

Read – Using Truss to Identify the Signals sending to a Process Read – Standard file descriptors Read – General Procedure for Kernel Patching in Solaris. Read – Configuring Kernel Parameters Read – Configuring Inter process communication Parameters Read– Monitoring Kernel Memory Utilization Read– tune and...


Solaris Packages and Patches Information Center

Read – [Video] Solaris Patching Strategy Read – Patching Beginners Guide Read – Patching Using Live Upgrade Read – Known Issues that frequently fails the Live Upgrade Read – Find the software package a file belongs to Read – Patching to non-global zones Read – Installing...


Solaris Disks and SVM Information Center

Read – Physical disk to c#t#d# mapping by serial number Read – SMI Label vx EFI Label Read – replicate VTOC table to new disk using fmthard Read – how Solaris assigns controller numbers Read – How to Restore a Mirrored Root Configuration from Backup Read...


Solaris Hardware Information Center

Read – Sun Hardware Diagnosis at OBP level Read – Oracle Hardware Models ( 3D View) Read – Working with Solaris Server Consoles using LOM/ ILOM/ ALOM/ ELOM/ RSC Read – ILOM ( Integrated Lights out Manager) Command Line Read– System Controller Hung Issues Read– 7...


Solaris 11 Administration Information Center

Read – How to Administrate IPQoS Read Command Cheat Sheet : Managing Services Read Command Cheat Sheet – Image Packaging System Read Command Cheat Sheet – Installation and Deployment Read Command Cheat Sheet – Basic Adminsitration Read – Monitoring System Activities using sar in Solaris Read...

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