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Every DevOps Engineer talking about “Continuous Integration”, what does it mean?

DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployments etc are some of the most commonly used terms in the IT industry now a days, but what does actually some of these term means?. Why they are becoming an integral part of any software Delivery lifecycle....


Guide to creating a shared folder using SAMBA server

Samba is an open source software, based on CIFS (Common Internet File System) that can run on Unix/Linux distributions & makes it possible to communicate with Windows machines. We use samba server mainly to share files & folder with windows client machine but we can also...


Create your first Virtual machine in RHEL/CentOS using KVM

Use of virtualization is on rise, more & more enterprises are adopting it. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using it cost saving. Companies save on hardware resources, space & reduced power consumption. &One of the major player in the field of virtualization is KVM technology. KVM...


Docker Container: An Overview

If you are a Developer, chances are you not only know about containers but is also using one. Containers are now being used more than ever in application development as well as deployments & Docker is the leading provider for software container platform. Dockers are being...

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