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Debian: DSA-4691-1: pdns-recursor security update>

Two vulnerabiliites have been discovered in PDNS Recursor, a resolving name server; a traffic amplification attack against third party authoritative name servers (NXNSAttack) and insufficient validation of NXDOMAIN responses lacking an SOA. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4691-1: pdns-recursor security update>


[$] Saving frequency scaling in the data center

Frequency scaling — adjusting a CPU’s operating frequency to save power when the workload demands are low — is common practice across systems supported by Linux. It is, however, viewed with some suspicion in data-center settings, where power consumption is less of a concern and there...


3 Reasons Continuous Delivery Efforts Fail to Scale

With DevOps and Agile adoption on the rise and automation levels reaching all-time highs, many organizations still struggle to scale continuous delivery across their enterprise applications and continue to face an all too familiar scenario. The development team releases an application to operations where it then...

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