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Amazon SageMaker Now Supports TensorFlow 2.0

Amazon SageMaker now supports Tensorflow 2.0 as a pre-built deep learning container. This latest version provides significant updates to the existing API, simplifies eager execution, offers a new dataset manager, and more.   Continue Reading — Amazon SageMaker Now Supports TensorFlow 2.0


Amazon VPC Ingress Routing Now Supports AWS CloudFormation

You can now create AWS CloudFormation templates to provision and configure Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) ingress routing infrastructures predictably and repeatedly. Amazon VPC ingress routing allows you to route ingress and egress traffic t… Continue Reading — Amazon VPC Ingress Routing Now Supports...


Wine 5.0 released

Wine 5.0 has been released. The main highlights are builtin modules in PE format, multi-monitor support, XAudio2 reimplementation, and Vulkan 1.1 support. Wine is capable of running Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX-compliant systems… Continue Reading — Wine 5.0 released

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