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Bash Scripting – using shift command

Another tool you have in your bash shell tool belt is the shift command. The bash shell provides the shift command to help you manipulate command line parameters. The shift command literally shifts the command line parameters in their relative positions. When you use the shift...


RHEL6 Installation and Security Bench Marking Recommendations – Part8

Configuring System Information and Warning Banners Presenting a warning message prior to the normal user login may assist the prosecution of trespassers on the computer system. Changing some of these login banners also has the side effect of hiding OS version information and other detailed system...


RHEL6 Installation and Security Bench Marking Recommendations – Part7

Configuring User Accounts and Environment This section provides guidance on setting up secure defaults for system and user accounts and their environment. Guidance for monitoring these settings and others that may change over time is provided in Section 10 System Maintenance.


RHEL6 Installation and Security Bench Marking Recommendations – Part5

Logging and Auditing The items in this section describe how to configure logging, log monitoring, and auditing, using tools included with RHEL6. It is recommended that rsyslog be used for logging (with logwatch providing summarization) and auditd be used for auditing (with aureport providing summarization) to...

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