Kubernetes from cloud to edge: a workshop for the US

For all the benefits it offers around container orchestration, Kubernetes remains a significantly complex platform to deploy and operate. As developers and enterprises alike turn to Kubernetes for more and more types of use cases, available Kubernetes solutions often fail to meet their exact needs. Canonical’s extensive Kubernetes portfolio is centered around Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s, designed to provide full flexibility from cloud to edge in order to facilitate efficient innovation and scaling. In this virtual event, Canonical’s panel of experts will discuss tools and strategies for: – Optimising economics from cloud to edge – Streamlining deployment and operation of Kubernetes clusters – Lowering barriers to entry for Kubernetes in resource-limited environments Join them as they incorporate your questions and topics of interest in their discussion live, delve into practical examples they’ve experienced through their work with hundreds of customers, and provide free resources for further support.

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