Kubernetes on Windows with WSL 2

Learn to unleash the power of Kubernetes on Windows easier and faster than before. Join us for a demonstration from Microsoft MVP and Docker Captain, Nuno De Campo as he guides us through how to configure a full Kubernetes on-rails on your Windows machine. This is made possible through two tools, MicroK8s and WSL2. During this session, you’ll learn how easy it is to not only access a full Linux terminal on Windows, and with the updates on the newest WSL2 (wide release in May) how you can enable MicroK8s, a lightweight, single-package application that brings a fully-featured, conformant and secure Kubernetes system directly on users machines. You’ll learn: What is the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and what’s are some of the great features that will be enabled in the newest version, WSL2, released in May by Microsoft What is MicroK8s How to install a local Kubernetes using MicroK8s with WSL2 The advantages / what this combo can help you achieve

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