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HMC Install, ConfigHMC network types:HMC has 2 different networks:- private network: for accessing/managing Power servers through the FSP- open network: this network used for user logins, and each LPAR is doing DLPAR operations through this networkPrivate networksThe only devices on the HMC private network are the HMC itself and each of the managed systems to which that HMC is connected. The HMC is connected to each managed system’s FSP (Flexible Service Processor). On most systems, the FSP provides two Ethernet ports labeled HMC1 and HMC2. This allows you to connect up to two HMCs.This figure shows a redundant HMC environment with two managed systems. The “blue” HMC is connected to the first port on each FSP, and the “red” (redundant) HMC is connected to the second port. Each HMC is configured as a DHCP server, using a different range of IP addresses. The connections are on separate private networks. As such, it is important to ensure that no FSP port is connected to more than one HMC.Each managed system’s FSP port that is connected to an HMC requires a unique IP address. To ensure that each FSP has a unique IP address, use the HMC’s built-in DHCP server capability. When the FSP detects the active network link, it issues a broadcast request to locate a DHCP server. When correctly configured, the HMC responds to that request by allocating one of a selected range of addresses.————————————–Open networksThe open (public) network used for user logins and for DLPAR operations. Connecting to the Internet allows the HMC to “call home” when there are any hardware errors that need to be reported.This figure shows two HMCs connected to a single managed server on the private network and to three logical partitions on the public network.(If you decide to use a private network, use DHCP, and if you will use an open network to manage an FSP, you must set the FSP’s address manually through the Advanced System Management Interface menus, however a private, non-routable network is recommended.)————————————–INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING A NEW HMC:If this is a new installation, ensure that the managed system is not connected to a power source. If this is a second HMC that is connected to the same managed system, the managed system can be connected to a power source.1.  Turn on the HMC and wait for the HMC to automatically select the default language and locale preference after 30 seconds.2.  Accept the HMC license agreements and click “Log on and launch the Hardware Management Console web application.”3.  Login with hscroot und default-pw abc1234.  Launch “Guided Setup Wizard”5.  Change date/time/timezone6.  Change default password for hscroot7.  Configure HMC networks    eth0 (private network):    network type = private network    Speed = default is “Autodetection” (if conn. to a switch, configure it manually: Change network sett. -> LAN Adapter)    Enable DHCP = specify a DHCP address range    (You can configure the HMC to be a DHCP server only on a private network)    eth1 (public network: hmc-admin interface)    network…

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