Migrating to Ubuntu Core

How do you deploy a critical embedded IoT application at scale and maintain it over the long-term? Innovators around the world are looking for answers to these questions. Security is a prime concern for critical embedded IoT applications. Not only must security be stringent by design, but it must also be maintained against emerging vulnerabilities over the service life. Furthermore, the operational cost incurred by provisioning, commissioning and managing large fleets of IoT devices can be exorbitant. Ubuntu Core is a lightweight version of classic Ubuntu built on snap application containers, and optimised for securely deploying and maintaining critical embedded IoT applications. It was developed with the operational challenges faced by IoT innovators in mind. Snap application containers enhance security. Additionally, Ubuntu Core features a robust OTA update mechanism designed for IoT. What’s more, Ubuntu Core ushers the way to cloud-native practices like devSecOps in embedded IoT. In this webinar, we will walk through the journey of productising an embedded IoT application with Ubuntu Core. We will start by developing an embedded application on a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu Server. Then we will go through the process of packaging the application into a snap, which we will test in development mode on Ubuntu Server. Finally we will migrate the application to Ubuntu Core in a fully confined snap. The lifecycle management of the embedded IoT application running in production on Ubuntu Core will be demonstrated.

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